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Regular banks are not the only way to get a home loan.

There are lot’s of finance options outside the major banks and often the non-bank lenders will give you a better deal.

We know how it all works and can provide you with plenty of information to help you make the best decisions for buying your home or investing in property

Non-bank lenders compete with the main stream banks & may be a better option if you are self-employed, have a lower deposit, want to consolidate debt and have equity , or have a rocky past.

In recent years, quite a few non-bank lenders have entered the market to compete with the major banks. Their interest rates for residential and commercial finance in most cases compares very nicely and they tend to be more sympathetic to you if you are self-employed, have limited documentation or have been knocked back by the major banks.

There are other places to find a money tree!

We can tou tell you about lending alternatives that may help you to gain finance if you don’t fit the criteria of the main stream lenders. 

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Here are some of the lenders that we work with...

Banks and lending institutions come in all shapes and sizes, and often you may not be aware of which one could give you the best deal. We do the hard work for you by comparing them all, based on your situation, and can often get you a better rate than if you approach them directly.

ASAP finance
ANZ Bank
Southern Cross Finance
Westpac Bank
Resimac Home Loans
First Mortgage Trust
ASB Bank
Liberty Financial
SBS Bank
General Finance
Avanti Finance
Cooperative Bank
Cresida Capital
DBR Property Financiers
Generate Kiwi Saver
Sovereign Bank
Yes Home Loans

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